PS4 Test Unit Firmware Surfaces: Check it Out Here!

ADDZ Jan 17, 2014

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    PS4 Test Unit Firmware Surfaces: Check it Out Here!

    While the PS4 has remained impervious to hacks since its launch, the console is no stranger to having its firmware files leaked. In that regard comes this interesting finding by a trusted scene member known as harryoke. While its hard to entirely confirm the authenticity of these files, it appears a DEX firmware numbered at 1.501.041 has found its way onto mod-friendly sites.


    So what exactly can we do with it? Not that much at the current time. You can of course download it from the link below, but this is more of a "look don't touch" kind of affair. With any luck, talented coders might be able to use something found in these files to expose exploits in Sony's latest console. Progress isn't guaranteed of course, but it's still interesting enough to report. I'll try to keep the mirror links active for as long as I can, but imagine they'll be gone soon enough!


    Source: DashHacks

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