PS4 Sales Exceed 18 Million Worldwide

Bullet Jan 6, 2015

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    Sony have had an amazing holiday season with sales of the Playstation 4 outselling both of its rivals the Xbox One and the Wii U every week of December.

    Despite having a rough couple of months with hacking scandals and denial of service attacks against the Sony's online gaming network, sales of the PS4 still managed to sell a whopping 898,665 units during December according to VGChartz.

    The total sales of the PS4 now exceed 18 million units worldwide which is almost the same as the Xbox One and the Wii U combined, give or take 962,396.

    To put a perspective on the sales figures during December 2014, the Playstation 4 was just 60k short of outselling both the Xbox One and the Wii U combined.

    Sony have just announced a new subscription based plan for the Playstation Now streaming service which will launch on January the 13th allowing Playstation 4 owners to rent one of over a 100 Playstation 3 games.
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