PS4: Randomly Deleting Games From Library Issues

Bullet Feb 8, 2014

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    The Sony PS4 hasn't been without its problems since launch, but this one by far seems to be the weirdest!
    Gamers are reporting that their precious Next Gen systems are randomly deleting games from the games libraries . One such gamer psychmnts who reported the issue on Reddit said:

    "it's been recurring for a number of weeks now and this morning Killzone was missing from my system after only playing it 2 days ago and seeing it on my system last night while playing outlast."

    It seems he's not alone either, quite a few reports have been turning up all saying a similar thing, that the games just 'Disappear' from the console.

    "This exact thing happened to me last week with Warframe. I was playing it fine the night before, then when I turned on my ps4 the next day, it was gone."

    ll these reports claim that its only the actual game that vanishes from the PS4 , all saves and anything associated with the game remain.

    So far Sony have not commented on this strange bug, but we will keep you updated as soon as they do.

    Have you experienced anything like this on your console, if so let us know below.
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    one of mines dissapeared to hahaha. it was a free ps+ game I downloaded. I really had no intention on playing it so no big deal.
  3. t3

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    I have a similar thing but with me its the update files that are disappearing not the actual games. Can be a bit annoying to download a 400mb update file when playing a game, i have noticed it more with warframe then any other game.

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