PS4 Issues As Firmware Update 2.0.4 Rolls Out

Bullet Feb 17, 2015

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    Sony has began to roll out a firmware, version 2.04, for the Playstation 4 in some regions. The update isn't running as smooth as Sony may have hoped though, many gamers are reporting loss of PSN connection as soon as the download begins.

    Sony state that they are aware of the connection issues and CE-32937-4 and SU-30709-9 errors when attempting to update and that engineers are on the case.

    Sony has not released any official patch notes for the 2.0.4 firmware update yet. Sony has history when it comes to failed firmware updates, with previous updates also causing issues for the PS4.

    The advise from Sony to fix the unannounced firmware update is to restart the PS4 in Safe Mode, and then select Rebuild Database, however this doesn't appear to work for everyone.
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    seems as though the ps4 has got something wrong with it every week now where are all the xbox haters now with there mighty ps4 consoles ?
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    2.0.4 update was to fix stability issues and prepare for a future update lol

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