PS4 Games At E3 Ran On PS4 Devkits

Bullet Jun 16, 2013

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    Since it came to light that Microsoft were running their Xbox One games on a high end Windows 7 pc , Sony have jumped to the defence straight away and declared that thier games were all run on Sony Devkits, and not a smoke and mirrors stunt like MS had pulled.

    A few of Sony's first and second party developers have stepped forward to comment how Sony wasn't all about smoke and mirrors...the games were running on actual PS4 development hardware.
    The dev kits for the PS4 are apparently a lot more complete than what Microsoft has to offer for the Xbox One, as PlayStation Lifestyle caught comments from various developers working on games for the PS4 who were also attending E3, and The Witness' Jonathan Blow Tweeted that...
    • "It is not true as the article says that "all E3 demos run on hi-end PCs"... The Witness was running on PS4 dev hardware, and it looked to me like all the other PS4 games were running on dev kits as well."
    • Dev hardware is the hardware that will be in the final retail box, but in a less consumer-oriented package.
    • All the indies I know were running on the PS4.
    • We worked very hard to get our game running on the actual PS4 hardware and operating system in time for the show. As did many other devs. That is kind of crazy considering consoles are supposed to be on the shelves with these games in 5-6 months.
    • During Microsoft's press show I was impressed by how good the games looked given the console's specs. But if they weren't running on those specs then it becomes pretty questionable.
    • I actually don't want XB1 to fail because we need competition to keep things healthy.
    Well, I stand corrected. Bravo to you for not pulling an Aliens: Colonial Marines.
    Blow wasn't the only one who chimed in on the E3 shenanigans, though. Sucker Punch's Jason Connell corroborated Blow's statements, saying "Yup, we were definitely on a dev kit. [For inFamous: Second Son]"

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    in sidey's basement :(
    nice! least sony were confident in their build that they used it unlike M$

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