PS4 FW Tool Version:1.0.0

ADDZ Jan 2, 2014

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    PS4 FW Tool Version:1.0.0

    This tool is used to display, pack, and unpack PS4 firmware files. Check out the release log below!


    • Show PS4 firmware details
    • Unpack PS4 (SLB2 container) firmware
    • Pack PS4 (SLB2 container) firmware


    • Unpack (inner) PUP
    • Pack (inner) PUP

    Keep in mind that SLB2 files are the complete firmware files. SLB2 files contain PUP files.

    SONY just used the file extension ".PUP" for the actual SLB2 firmware files to make it less confusing for common users.

    Download: CLICK ME

    Source: Dashhacks

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