PS4 External 2 TB Solid State Hybrid drive Mod

Bullet Jan 14, 2014

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    It doesn't take long before modders start to pull apart their shiny new consoles and start adding different colored lights, maybe modding the case, others start to take things a little further and we start seeing things like Community Manager at ARMA III Developer Bohemia Interactive Paul Statham PS4 modification. Paul decided to swap out the standard 500GB HDD that the PS4 ships with in favor of a 3.5″ 2 TB Solid State Hybrid drive. There was a problem there and you have probably spotted it already! How would a 3.5" SSHD fit inside the tiny PS4? Well simply put, it wont. That is why Paul decided that with some tinkering he would create an external storage for the next gen console.

    So what are the benefits of having an external storage device like this?

    Needless to say you will get more storage, but you can also use a 3.5" HD which are cheaper than their 2.5" counterparts.

    You can use a Solid State Hybrid drive which will result in better performance, faster loading times.

    According to Paul the PS4 also runs cooler.

    If you want to do a similar modification to this then you will need the following items:

    A brain

    A PS4

    A self powered SSHD ( The PS4 wont be able to power the 3.5 SSHD )

    Adapter 22pin SATA male> female Micro SATA board Delock

    SATA cable 100cm yellow metal 6Gb/s male/female

    Molex - Sata Power connector


    No PS4's were harmed in the making of this modification, although it is recommended to only attempt this if you feel confident enough.

    Check out the images below courtesy of Dualshockers.


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