PS4 Dual shock 4 Problems

Bullet Nov 14, 2013

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    We reported earlier about reports of PS4 consoles bricking themselves a day before the official launch, well a string of other problems have been reported since.
    Not only are PS4 consoles suffering from dodgy HDMI ports, and bricking themselves, but the Dualshock 4 controllers seem to be having issues as well.
    Youtube user Cynnthetic has reported that after only 10 hours of gameplay the R1 button is sticking.

    "I got a DS4 early and have been enjoying using it for PS3 games. After finishing Killzone 2 though, the R1 button has decided to stick. I'm a sweetheart to controllers and never abuse them or even use them aggressively. It's odd."

    Although the controller is faulty Cynnthetic still rates the quality of the controllers:


    Luckily Cynnthetic has kept the receipts for the PS4 and can take the controller back for an exchange. We strongly advise you guys do the same.

    Here's a video of the defective R1 button on the DS4:

    Check out our guide to fixing your bricked PS4
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