PS4 Day One Patch Detailed By Sony.

XPG Darkside Oct 25, 2013

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    Sony has released information about the day one patch for the PlayStation 4.

    A post on the PS Blog explains that system software update 1.50 will be about 300 MB and include a number of features.

    The patch will enable you to make use of the Remote Play and Second Screen features with your Vita, as well as the ability to record, upload and broadcast gameplay and screenshots, or to spectate others.

    It'll also let you play games while they're downloading, make use of party chat, use face recognition and voice commands through the PlayStation Camera.

    The patch will be required for anyone wanting to make use of online multiplayer or the Blu-ray and DVD player functionality of the console. It'll also let you listen to background music on your console while playing a game.

    The post also reveals that up to four players will be able to log in to a single PS4 system simultaneously, accessing their separate data to play games and earn trophies on their individual accounts, even if playing multiplayer together on a single PS4.

    Having said that, there are some features that it seems will miss the console's launch.

    The biggest of these is the suspend/resume mode, which allows you to continue your game right where you left off the second you boot up the PS4. That'll apparently be introduced in a future patch.

    The PlayStation 4 system software update 1.50 will be available when the console launches: that's November 15 in North America and November 29 in Europe.

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