PS4 1.6 Fimware Update Allows Camera To Be Muted

Bullet Feb 3, 2014

  1. Bu

    Bullet Guest

    It seems Sony have been listening to the community especially with regard to being able to mute the camera. As well as the firmware update 1.6 having support for pulse headsets and general stability improvements, its been confirmed that it will also bring the ability to mute the camera as confirmed by Chris Owen Community Manager at PlayStation Europe via a Tweet earlier today:


    Apparently the firmware update has been delayed until February the 22nd according to rumor. SInce it seems Sony are listening to the community, what would you like to see changed int the next update?

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  2. AD

    ADDZ Guest

    Mainly I'd like to see the Bluetooth headsets work because wired is really restricting and the Turtle Beach I have are a little bulky too, annoying

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