PS Vita won't include memory card when it ships

xTG_IrOnZzZ Sep 16, 2011

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    Though Sony has yet to confirm the exact format of the PlayStation Vita' s memory card, it looks like they will indeed use a proprietary one for the handheld.


    Available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB sizes, these cards will cost a whopping ¥2,200 (US$ 29), ¥3,200 (US$ 42), ¥5,500 (Us$ 72) and ¥9,500 (US$ 124), respectively.

    Since the base package of the unit won't include a memory card, you'll need to have an extra cash in order to store your saved data and downloaded games. As Sony notes: "Some PS Vita software titles may require the use of separately sold memory card for saving game’s saved data while some software titles are capable of saving it on to the PS Vita card itself."

    So what's included in the base model? It will include a Wi-Fi Vita system, a USB cable, AC adapter, power cord and manuals. Sony will also release two other bundles in Japan, a "limited edition" model which includes a 3G and WiFi Vita system, a USB cable, AC adapter, power cord, manuals, and a SIM card with 20 hours of prepaid 3G credits priced at ¥29,980, and a "first run" edition which is basically the same as the "limited edition," but with 100 hour prepaid credits. The "first run" edition is limited only to 500,000 units. Once the supply runs out, it will be replaced with the limited edition.

    As stated yesterday, the PlayStation Vita will be released in Japan on December 17th. No word yet on the exact date for its US and EU release, but hopefully, it will be announced later this week.

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