Project Cars: Feel The Engine

Nasyr Dec 5, 2014

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    Project Cars is a heart pounding, floor stomping, gear shifting game. This game is yet another racing game but, it could be the difference between a game and realistic. As your racing against other people in the game you can be rammed and spun out, of course by the cause of this your car will be damaged in real life. Well that's what they have just done in this game. Imagine the bumper of your car flying off as your making a right turn. But better yet, imagine it hitting another driver and giving you a bigger lead causing the other car to slow and dodge it.

    As all racing games seem to do this, this game has been pushed back to a later release date. Then plan to fix and improve many features as they see fit. One of them being the drifting you can do around corners of turns. Not only do I think that is cool but, if you can perfect it, you will be the best driver and the fastest in the game. Also to follow this game offers a variety of racing categories such as the Daytona 500, or even epic racing journeys across a mountain topo.

    This game will be coming to next gen consoles only. As well as Steam OS and Wii U, which isn't too surprising. I like the look of this game and it's trailer was pretty desiring to watch. I always like driving cars that looks as if no one care afford them, haha. Only thing I don't like about this game is a chase. I'm more of a guy that likes to have a Cops chasing you sort of deal, makes the game more fun and intense. But seeing it doesn't and wont have that, I think I can get over and get my drive on!
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