profile tool s not working after kinect updates to dash ???

bornbad Feb 12, 2011

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    right ill start at the beginining i used yo have the freesoup edition of supermodders profile editor which worked amazingly.(i do play the game and i know gamesavings better but every now and again its nice just to pop the irritating chievo s with the editor)i downloaded it from ere in the forum thats locked anyway back on topic i lost a hard drive that had it so i ve recently redownloaded it again and at least another two types so i ve tried using all three to pop aciev s they do work in unlocking etc nut when you put your profile in the xbox It DOES show the gamescore so as per normal i play a good 10 mins then connect online to let the score update (and to get the pics for the chievs)now i delete my profile as per norm and when i recover the score s back to normal before i used the editor so the scores not sticking any ideas ?? patches ??? im not new to this but have never had this issue before any input would be greatly appreciated

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