Predator Weapons In Call Of Duty: Ghosts 'Devastation'

Bullet Apr 2, 2014

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    Now that it has been confirmed that there are indeed 2 field orders on one of the 4 new maps in the second DLC for Call Of Duty: Ghosts 'Devastation' we know that one of them is the Volcano which you can make erupt and wipe out anyone above ground, and the other is that you get to play as the Predator, a character made famous by the first movie in 1987 starring Arnie.

    Those of you that have seen any of the Predator movies will know that the Predator is a intergalactic Trophy hunter that takes the skulls and spines as a memento of its worthy adversaries. In order to be the ultimate killing machine it has an impressive weapons arsenal, so lets take a look at some of the weapons we may get to use in the new downloadable content:



    This shoulder-mounted cannon rapid-fires explosive plasma bolts. It's heat-tracking targeting system lets it target enemies on every side of the Predator.



    This smart throwing weapon homes in on its target with lethal precision, it's spinning blades cutting a man in half. The disc can even be programmed to take down multiple enemies in one



    The Predator's basic weapon, these extendable metal claws are perfect for performing fast slashing and ripping attacks and can kill an off-guard enemy with a single strike this has to be a given that they are included as weapon in Devastation as they are a part of the Predators outfit.



    For the hunter who prefers a long-range silent kill, this fires telescopic spears which can take off a man's head or pin him to a wall.



    A telescope quarterstaff, each sweeping blow of this weapon is capable of knocking several enemies off their feet, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. This weapon is actually featured in the cut scene of Ruin after the final kill.



    A twin-headed polearm, the glaive's rapid spinning moves slice though enemies with ease.



    A heavy weapon of blades and spikes, it's powerful spinning and crushing blows can penetrate even the strongest of defenses. Maybe since Michael Myers has an axe in Fog in the first DLC, maybe Predator will have a Maul?

    These are not all the weapons the predator has, these are just the most likely ones to be featured in the game, of course the Predator has the following weapons also:



    This is very similar in characteristics to the Smart Disc. The Shuriken is carried and transported as a flat circular device, but the push of its surface transforms it into a multi-pointed, sharp edged throwing star. Also like the Smart Disc, it is self-charged by an internal power supply.

    Ceremonial Dagger


    The Ceremonial Dagger is used for the Blooding Rites of young Warriors. Its primary use is to remove the protective layer of skin of a Xenomorph, hence the reason I do not consider this will feature in the game.

    Laser Nets

    When deployed the laser net will automatically secure itself against any solid surface and remains there until remotely activated. This would maybe feature more of a tactical weapon and so will not feature for a character earned from a field order!

    There is of course also the self destruct and for obvious reasons I do not think that will feature!
    As well as the weapons of course the Predator also comes equipped with the most awesome of camouflage which we have already seen featured in the teaser trailer also he has many different vision modes such as heat vision, night vision etc. Hopefully the Predator will feature the vison and sound as well as the triangular recticle assuming he has a firing weapon of course!



    Of course there is already a predator recticle on the reflex scope, VMR sight, and Hybrid Optic in Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, the question is will Predator have a similar, same or different recticle?

    Predator Yautja Camouflage


    The Yautja camouflage is without doubt the ultimate in stealth technology. It works by bending light waves around the cloaked object, the device makes it practically invisible.
    The camouflage suit does not function well (if at all) immersed in water, and may be ineffective in enviroments saturated with material surrounding the wearer such as fog, rain, or dust so maybe arming smoke grenades on 'Ruins' would be a good idea!
    A really key piece of info if Infinity Ward have stayed true to the Predator is that only mounted weapons are effected by the cloak. This includes concealed weapons like retracted wrist blades, collapsed spears or other weapons kept hidden by backpacks and so forth. Once extended or revealed, the weapon is visible, that could be an indication of the weapons we will have when playing as the character.
    As you can see the Predator is heavily armed, obviously not all of these weapons will feature in the game, so im guessing only wristblades, or wristblades with say the maul.

    What weapons do you think will be included, or what weapons would you like to see?
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