Possible PS4 UPnP Bug and Workaround Found By a Tech Expert

ADDZ Feb 11, 2014

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    Possible PS4 UPnP Bug and Workaround Found By a Tech Expert

    For those that are unaware of what UPnP is, it's essentially a networking protocol that makes it so you don't have to manually forward ports on your router when playing games online. True to its name, this makes multiplayer gaming experiences "plug and play" instead of being forced to log in to your network to enter the digits yourself. When working, it prevents matchmaking snafus, lost connections, and lag, to hopefully provide the best performance possible.


    That's when it works. According to a so-called tech expert on PlayStationLifeStyle, PS4 has some serious issues initiating UPnP during his test matches of Call of Duty: Ghosts. This was not an issue on PS3 because there's a specific option to toggle plug and play in Settings, but it appears PS4 tries to make the detection on its own instead. The problem with that is sometimes it fails to do so, and this leads to a "Moderate" UPnP displays when it should always read as "open." While in game, this discrepancy leads to worse connections and setup than what should be happening on a half decent network.

    The source author then goes into detail on his testing process, but all you really need to know is that there is a temporary workaround to remedy any of your woes. Simply run an Internet Connection Test in PS4's Network Settings menu to force the console to check if UPnP is enabled or not. This should lead to better results and more fluid multiplayer fun.

    Source: Dashhacks

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