POP Forgotten Sands Glitch

mellcarlo Jul 11, 2010

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    Hi POP fans!
    I just want to post this glitch (and the solution I found in the internet) for Prince of Persi The forgotten sands. I've experienced this personally. Soo bad that I almost want to restart the game. Good thing I searched the web and found the answers.

    How to fix the game-stopping glitch near the end of the game?
    People are reporting that Ubisoft has not fixed a glitch/bug in the game, near the end yet. If you get stuck in a room with the swinging axes in the hallway in the middle, after you’ve missed a jump with vultures near the end of the game. Then you’ll find out that the autosave restarts you in the same room with no way out! Oops!
    Ubisoft’s technical support provides the following temporary solution:

    “One thing I can suggest at this point would be to run the game from your backup Auto Save file. I included the steps for this below.

    Xbox 360
    1. From the dash board go to “My Xbox”
    2. Scroll to System Settings (Far Right)
    3. Choose “memory”
    4. Open your storage device
    5. Choose Games
    6. Select “Prince of Prince:TFS”

    1. From the XMB scroll to the games menu
    2. Open the save data utility folder
    3. Locate prince of Persia: TFS

    You most likely have an “Auto Save” file and a “Backup Autosave” file. You can try deleting the “Auto Save” and then starting the game and choosing “Continue” allowing it to load from the backup autosave file. This will hopefully take you to an earlier point in the game that you can continue from.”

    Hope this helps/ For me it did!


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