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    Imagine a game that draws inspiration from the large scale, multiplayer experience of a title such as Battlefield 3, and combines it with the cops and robbers style of Grant Theft Auto and HEAT. Welcome to POLICE WARFARE; a multiplayer first person shooter set in the world of armed robbery and law enforcement. Players will go toe-to-toe as either a member of the Los Angeles Police SWAT team, or the opposite side of the law, robbing banks as an armed gunman.
    There are a lot of shooters out there focusing on modern military conflicts and we want to bring things in a new direction, something fresh and different, draw the focus of a conflict closer to home with a different type of enemy. We're building a game similar to Battlefield 1943 in that it's a small but extremely high quality shooter built for digital download. Our focus is crafting a big experience in a small package, a bite-sized AAA if you will. Something that you can pick up and play for just a few minutes and have the same great experience as if you're sinking hundreds of hours into it.
    Players will experience the gorgeous visuals, punchy sound design, and fluid controls they expect in a AAA FPS. All this while a clash of titans takes place in sunny Los Angeles between America's oldest and most distinguished SWAT division, and a group of former private military contractors armed to the teeth in the latest weapons, vehicles and gadgets. This isn't just a bank heist...this is war.

    We've assembled a "special forces" team of experienced developers that will bring the world of Police Warfare to life. Members of the team have worked on games such as Far Cry 3, Gears Of War, Crysis 1/2, Assassin's Creed 2, Medal Of Honor: Airborne, Golden Eye, Killzone 2, and Grand Theft Auto 4.We've worked at companies such as Ubisoft, Epic Games, Electronic Arts and Crytek.
    • Shawn Wallace, Producer
    • James Wearing, Lead Designer
    • Tim Johnson, Technical Director
    • Gregory Allen, Audio Director
    • Danny Cocke, Music Composer
    • John Riggs, Character Technical Director
    • Mark Dedecker, Character Artist
    • Jesse Sandifer, Character Artist
    • Leo Li, Animator/Rigger
    • M. Jenkinson, 2d Artist
    • Robin Elbers, 3d Artist
    • Terry Fernández, Motion Graphics
    • Matt Allsopp, Concept Artist
    • Undisclosed concept artist #2
    • Undisclosed concept artist #3
    We also brought on real law enforcement advisors to provide tactical expertise, resources and knowledge. We've come together to form a new team and a new company. We create games for gamers, by gamers.

    Police Warfare isn't just about cops and robbers battling it out. A big focus for us is giving you, the players, unique gameplay mechanics and memorable experiences. One of the areas we're innovating on is mobility. Since a large portion of the game takes place in urban environments players need the tools to descend from buildings and helicopters, hence the need for a rappelling system. Quickly and intuitively rappel from rooftop to ground zero, all while retaining full shooting controls on the way down.

    The same goes for helicopters. Quickly infiltrate behind enemy lines or escape a helicopter thats going down. On the opposite side, snipe enemies out of mid-air as they rappel down. So satisfying!
    Another key focus is fun weapons. Did someone say tasters guns? Yep. Tear Gas? You betcha. Protestors? Err..No. But what we lack in tents and signs we make up for with taser mines, heavily armed bomb squad robots, rigging vehicles with car bombs and an arsenal of sticky bombs and claymores.
    The taser mine is great for protecting your back as a sniper. The taser gun on the other hand acts more like a side arm/melee weapon. Humiliate your enemy by holding down the fire button to continously electrocute him. Keep him in the tase long enough and he will die a slow and painful death!
    Special Delivery, one of the game's achievements, challenges players to pack a truck with explosives and use the innovative CruiseControl feature to remotely steer the vehicle into a pack of bad guys. We want to give you the creative freedom to employ weapons in fun and memorable ways, the ones that are the epic moments you talk about with friends and share on youtube.

    In both Heist and Warzone mode players will spawn as one of three player classes: Assault, Sniper or Support (except for $100 backers who will also get to spawn as the secret class and use the secret weapon kit!). Heist mode is inspired by Battlefield's Rush mode and tasks the robbers with destroying bank vaults throughout the city and collecting cash. Warzone see's both sides in a power struggle to control key points on the map. Whether you like to fly helicopters, drive trucks and pilot remote controlled airplanes as you unleash destruction in large, wide open landscapes, or get up close and personal in the narrow alleys of downtown LA, theres a huge amount of variety in the terrain and level design to please all FPS player types.

    Our hope is to exceed the goal so we can channel all the funds back into the project and create a bigger, better game. We'll add additional content; more maps, more weapons, expand to multiple platforms like xbox and ps3 and add international language support. It all depends on how much money we raise and how badly you guys want to see this in your chosen language and on consoles!
    Luxurious 100% cotton T-shirts!
    We've spent the past 6 months in pre-production designing original characters, vehicles, environments, animation, storyboards and gameplay mechanics. We're now ready to move into production and thats where you, the fans come in. We're asking your help by making a pledge and supporting the continued development and to help bring SWAT back to the forefront of FPS gaming.
    If you've ever wanted to play a game that looks like Battlefield and Heat had a bit too much to drink and spent a long, passionate night of romance together then this is your chance to get in on the ground floor of whats sure to be an incredible gaming experience and a new movement in game development. Let's send a message. Join forces with us and lets do this together, lets build the first large scale, vehicle based, multiplayer cops and robbers FPS created!! See you on the first update!!!!
    -Elastic Games Team
    TWITTER @PoliceWarfare

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