Poker Night 2 Complete Achievement List

Rocky Apr 22, 2013

  1. Ro

    Rocky Guest


    One Hand Clapping 10
    Won a hand.

    I Tournament to Do That 15
    Won a tournament.

    We'll Drink to That 10
    Purchased a drink.

    Felt Up 10
    Purchased a felt.

    Chip on Your Shoulder 10
    Purchased a set of chips.

    Joint Venture 25
    Unlocked the Venture Bros theme.

    Border Crossing 25
    Unlocked the Borderlands theme.

    Army Surplus 25
    Unlocked the Army of Darkness theme.

    Sam to the Max 25
    Unlocked the Sam & Max theme.

    This Was a Triumph 25
    Unlocked the Portal theme.

    Orb 'n' Legends 20
    The Orb is yours, for better or for worse.

    Trophy Wife 20
    Are you now Character of the Year?

    Book 'Em 20
    You now own the scariest book in history.

    Banjo Hero 20
    Sam's banjo is now yours.

    Personality Goes a Long Way 20
    You won a Personality Core. Try not to drop it down the incinerator.

    We Are the 1% 55
    You've won a million dollars.

    Unlock all the Things 55
    You've unlocked every poker item in the game.

    Deck the Halls 10
    Bought your first deck.

    Source - X360A

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