Pokémon GO: an incredible augmented reality game announced for iOS and Android

FreddyZVoorhees Sep 11, 2015

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    Pokémon GO is a unique game in the series to be released for iOS and Android devices in 2016.

    Similar to games that have been released over the years for the portable Nintendo, the goal is to catch Pokémon, the difference is that in Pokémon GO will have to capture in real life.
    [​IMG]The Pokemon GO Deivce.
    The development is delivered to Niantic, the company founded by John Hanke, co-creator of Google Earth, which previously created Ingress, a reality MMO increased to smartphones that uses the GPS data.
    Nintendo is not directly involved in the production, but will manufacture a device for the wrist called Pokémon GO Plus. The device is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and serves to notify the player about events such as the appearance of a Pokémon in the near place through vibration and LED. The Pokémon GO Plus will still have buttons so that they can do simple things like capture Pokémon, however is not required.
    Junichi Masuda, director of the Pokémon games, is also involved. Its role is to ensure that enjoyment of Pokémon games there is this game and think of a way to connect to the main series Pokémon GO associated with Nintendo consoles.
    As it becomes available, Pokémon GO will be free to download, but will have purchases within the application.
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