Please HELP! Guys I'm having trouble modding the "EXP Remaining" (Diablo 3 v1.02 on PS3)

nydreamer Dec 23, 2013

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    Dec 23, 2013
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    Hi everyone. I'm a new user on this site and am having issues modding the "EXP Remaining" value to level up for my level 28 barbarian. The game is the US version or BLUS31188 with the 1.02 update.

    I searched the forums and found instructions on the offset and how to mod this, but every time I try to edit the offset and load it into my PS3....the system tells me the character save is corrupted.

    I've read on the forums that after I decrypt the PS3 save with "Bruteforce Save Data" and use the "D3Decrypt" program to decrypt the .HRO file in my save, I open HxD and find the EXP remaining offset which is: 08 FF 3E 10 XX XX 12 - where the four "XX XX" between the 10 and the 12 are the values you can modify.

    The problem is, in my .HRO file I see 08 FF 3E 10 F0 91 OD 12. That's 6 characters in between the "10" and the "12" and not four. I am not sure which of these characters I can change and which ones I have to skip over. Every time I try to change the F0 91 0D part of this offset the game will tell me the save is corrupted.

    Can someone help me? I am uploading my .HRO save file below for you to see, but if you were successful in changing it I'd appreciate if you EXPLAINED how you fixed it.

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