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GamrInsanity Jan 28, 2012

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    I just got my hands on the PlayStation Vita this morning and this thing is the way we have been wanting to play games on the go for the longest time. The raised dual analog sticks are very smooth and feel great on the thumbs, the touchscreen is very responsive and offer precise commands on the screen, and the augmented reality that they system offers is very impressive.

    When I was going through the new user interface the system has and I was instantly able to find the programs and games I was looking for without have to dig in menus to find them. This makes me think that the PS3 could use a new upgrade from its Cross Media Bar.

    Consumers that are looking at this handheld and that still think it’s a glorified PSP I only have one thing to say to you. Your right and that’s what gamers have been waiting for. The PSP was a great system with controls that left people with empty experiences without the second analog stick. The touchscreen is going to be a huge part of this consoles future and will make certain franchises feel fresh and new.

    I will be getting my unit very soon and will be posted my full review of the PlayStation Vita in early February.
    You can pickup the PlayStation Vita in two forms when it launches in the United States.
    Early Edition launches February 15th and the Regualr and 3G packages will launch on February 22, 2012.

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