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PlayStation teases "slim" reveal event

xpghax Jan 24, 2014

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    A UK reveal for the slim-line PlayStation Vita model could be announced in a matter of days, new materials suggest.

    An invite sent to CVG suggests Sony is planning to reveal a western release for its handheld before the end of January.


    "Following the biggest launch in PlayStation history, join us for an introduction to the slimmest", the invite reads.
    Launching first in Japan on October 10 priced at 19,929 yen (£128 / $200 USD), the Wi-Fi handheld is 20 per cent thinner (15mm) and 20 per cent lighter (219g) than the original Vita.

    The redesign boasts a high definition five inch LCD display, rather than the current Vita's OLED screen. It has a built-in 1GB memory card, while Sony says battery life has been extended by around one hour, now offering up to six hours of gameplay and seven hours of video playback.

    It was later revealed that the device can be charged using micro USB - a non-proprietary standard used on many mobile phones.
    It has yet to be confirmed if the assumed UK version will have the same specifications, or if it will be available in six different colours as it is in Japan.

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