PlayStation Flash Sale: Games & Movies

zesp4 Jun 28, 2015

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    Yesterday PlayStation began their flash sale across multiple titles from games to movies.
    In the first line of their blog, they say

    "Hi everyone! Hot off the heels of E3, we’re celebrating one of our favorite genres with a Fantasy Deals Flash Sale. Starting right now, we’ve got a collection of fantasy games and movies on sale for up to 80 percent off. Head over to PlayStation Store through"


    Games vary from PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Included are the likes of Telltales Game of Thrones season pass, Lego Hobbit, Bound by Flame and Shadow Warrior.

    Movies include the likes of 300, Black Hawk Down, Harry Potter complete list and plenty more goodies in there.

    Below is the image for the PS3 20 Titles you can pick from.


    I'm sure plenty of people are heading over there and spending there hard earned cash on some hot titles. I've noticed a lot of PS + members complaining that they haven't received a Flash Sale on top of + membership deals. Who knows maybe Sony might be generous enough to do it one day.

    source: playstation blog
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