PC: Battlefield Hardline Beta - Workaround for launch issue

xpghax Jun 10, 2014

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    For those of you who have gained access to the Battlefield Hardline Beta and downloaded the game, yet find you are unable to launch it successfully, please follow the steps below as this should resolve the issue:

    1. Log in to Origin.
    2. Go to your Origin “My Games” folder.
    3. Right click “Battlefield Hardline Beta” and click “View Game Details”.
    4. Locate the Product Key.
    5. Click Origin in the top left of the screen and select “Redeem Product Code”.
    6. Follow the flow to enter and redeem the code.
    7. Once complete Log out of Origin.
    8. Log out of Battlelog.
    9. Do not log into Origin but log back into Battlelog again.
    10. From the top drop down menu select Battlefield Hardline.
    11. This should now be the correct Battlelog site and allow you to log into the game.
    12. Select quick match and Origin will automatically start up, log in and activate the game.
    13. You can now enjoy the Battlefield Hardline Beta.

    Taken From EA Site,i can confirm it works now ;)

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