Preview Payday developers Starbreeze and Overkill decry sexist YouTube video

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    Starbreeze CEO Bo Andersson has stated that a leaked video produced by Overkill Studios nine months ago does not represent the values of either party, and was rejected internally. The response came as YouTubers came across the clip and blasted it as sexist.


    Speaking with GamesIndustry International, Andersson said of the clip, “The YouTube piece that was spread today was an external pitch made to us (amongst many) almost nine months ago. It was related to the potential Payday movie and not game. We did not design it or distribute it.

    “Part was shot in our office but then cut externally. We felt it did not portray our values as a company in any way after seeing the final cut. Therefore it was rejected some 9 months ago. Unfortunately it ended up on the internet as part of someone’s CV (outside of our company).”

    The clip in question shows women auditioning as part of “The Payday Girl Contest”, including Top Model Sweden contestants Angner Sophie and Nina Strauss. It’s full of sexist jokes and banter.

    Andersson stated that Overkill and Starbreeze axed the clip after they decided it didn’t represent the view of either party. He added, “We have never as a company depicted women this way nor shall we in the future.”
    A spokesperson from publisher of the original Payday game Sony Online Entertainment also told the site that it had no hand in the clip, and simply stated “SOE had nothing to do with this video or contest. Moreover, this contest is linked to the upcoming film (not the original game), with which SOE has had zero involvement.”

    Watch the video hear ;) and yes it dose have sexy girls. ;) :boobs2:

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