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timjin Jul 6, 2013

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    Hello guys, it's DEFTONED. I'm not sure if you know who I am but if not, it's all good. I decided to make a project on getting a database site set up for users to post their modded creations to a database for everyone to see.

    Here are the features:
    • Build reputation for yourself when submitting weapons with the like/dislike option for your entries.
    • Each entry has it's own ID page so you can submit that page to anyone to view!
    • View all of your submissions and make necessary edits if necessary
    • Image upload capabilities so people can see what the gun looks like!
    • Your own personal control panel with more features to be implemented in the future!
    • Newest entries are displayed first.

    Coming soon:
    • User reputation system which will make your username a different color. Colors will go by rarity of LEGIT guns in the game. EX: White = Common and Pearlescent = Highest possible rep to get.
    • Sorting by types will be implemented very soon to make navigating a lot more simpler.
    • Report button for items that are fake or images that are not related to the post.
    • Hybrid thread will be opened back up soon for users to post their entries!

    Site URL:

    Site explanation video:

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