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Bullet Dec 13, 2013

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    As most of you are aware, there have been some changes to Youtube lately regarding monetization policies. A new Content ID program allows videos to be flagged for copyright infringements which will prevent monetization on the flagged content.
    Its mostly gamers that are getting hit hard at the moment with clips that feature videogame cutscenes, trailers and music.

    Valve showed their stance by posting their Youtube Policies today in support of gamers , and other publishers are following suit. Developers of Oddworld have publicly shown their support to gamers by posting a consent form online saying they give permission to gamers to use their content, after its free advertising!

    In fact, nothing makes us happier than to see you guys enjoying our games, and it’s something we encourage wholeheartedly. So as we’ll continue to push our content through our own YouTube channel, we have no plans to issue copyright claims to others.
    If you are on the end of one of these new ContentID copyright flags as a result of showing Oddworld game footage, please contact us.

    We at XPG would like to say on behalf of gamers everywhere... Thankyou very much Oddworld


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    Thanks for the info,
    Am i the only one that is starting to hate the new youtube.
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