November Xbox One Update Preview: Twitter Video Share + Store Revamp

Bullet Nov 1, 2014

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    If you are in the Xbox One dashboard preview then you will already be enjoying Novembers update which brings some very interesting changes to the console. The Xbox One store has recieved an overhaul resulting in a new user experience and you can now upload videos directly to Twitter via your built in DVR.

    Here are the patch notes for Novembers dashboard update (xb_rel_1411.141026-2100):

    • A fix for an issue some users noted with using OneGuide and OTA (Over the air) SD Channels
    New Experiences
    • The new Xbox One Store experience is available. Be sure to check it out!
    • Share to Twitter Upgrades: Sharing to Twitter will now result in a link to your account and video shared, rather than a link to Try it out and show off those videos!
    Known Issues
    • Game invites between 1411-1410 builds will show as the Store icon when the invite is received.
    • The invite functionality should still work as expected. The teams are aware and working on a fix.
    • You cannot join games in progress between 1411 and 1410.
    • The icons in Friends, Party, and Profile to join games in progress with users on the General Public Release (1410) will be greyed out or missing. As a workaround, please have your friend on 1410 send you a game invite.
    Other News
    • As a special treat, all Xbox One Preview members have received guaranteed access to the Evolve Big Alpha on Xbox One! Be sure to check out the Evolve Big Alpha thread for the details.
    • The Xbox Preview Dashboard got an update! In My Stats, you’ll now be able to toggle the Preview Points Leaderboards between Friends (People you are friends with who are in the program) and Global (the entire program – EVERYONE!). Keep taking surveys, completing Quests, Quick Polls, and rating updates to climb the leaderboards!
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