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AXkill3R Dec 17, 2012

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    Heyy fellow xpg members :hi: :hi:

    We need people to come watch our youtube vids and subscribe to us, we are only small at the moment i thhink we have about 2,300 something views and yeah we need more views so our channel can get bigger and if it gets bigger more vids will be put up more often and better quallity vids and we need some new members to our clan and our channel who can help out like upload vids and manage the channel and other stuff.Ok so far all we have on our channel is black ops 2 vids:gamer4: (ik kind of *** right) there will be more vids for jtags and rgh's after christmas as my recorder broke (stingge roxio game capture). At the moment we have 2 xbox 360 players (we both have jtags and rgh's) and three ps3 players (two have jailbroken ps3 and 1 has ps3key) so we are looking for more xbox players as were prefer xbox over ps3.

    Soo plzz come check out our vids so far and plzzzzz subscribe it dosent take much effort to subscribe and we will to each subscriber send u a message saying thanks for subscribibg and stuff.

    O btw if u would like to join our channel pm me and will see if u can join (must have an game cam or something to capture game vids in good quality) :trolldance: :boobs:


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