New Way Of Cooling Your Xbox 360

Bullet Sep 18, 2011

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    USB Powered Fan
    Phillips Head Screwdriver
    (If you want to make a hole in your xbox 360 to place the fan, you will need a cutting tool, such as a dremel)
    Bolts & 4 one inch screws(optional)

    Step 1. Get a USB powered fan, you can just buy a $5.00 one.

    Step 2. If you got the second one(or something like it, go on to step 5. If you got a fan like the first one read on to step 3.

    Step 3. Ok now look at the back of the fan, you will see 2 screws, unscrew them(obviously)

    Step 4. Ok now just take the fan and plug it into a USB port on your xbox 360, and your done! Now you can kind of cool your xbox 360 better by placing it where the cool air comes in(the side opposite to where the HDD goes) If you want to really cool your xbox 360, go to step 5.

    Step 5. Open your xbox 360 up(there plenty of tuts on the interentet on how to do this)

    Step 6. Now, get a Dremel, or any kind of small cutting device.

    Step 7. Take the top part of the case and cut a box shaped hole into it (using a tool) a little smaller then the size of the USB fan you have. (look on youtube)

    Step 8. Place the USB fan on the square, you can replace the original screws(if using the high quality fan)with bolts and 1 inch screws and screw the fan in, or just place it on the square without it being actually acttached for easy removal, replacement,etc.

    Step 9. Put your xbox 360 back together again(again, plently of tuts on youtube)

    Step 10. Enjoy your cool xbox 360, and the best part is the USB fan still spins even if the xbox 360 is turned off(must still be pluged in) so you can cool your xbox 360 without it actually being on.

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