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Tricil Dec 5, 2010

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    Nov 17, 2010
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    Hey everyone, I'm glad to be part of the forum. I have recently came back into the scene, I used to mod the original xbox, ps2, and psp. I also have a background in computers and am currently enrolled as an electronics engineer student. I would like to learn more about the 360 with the help of the forum and hopefully contribute in time.
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    hi and welcome to xpg hope you enjoy your stay :thumbsup:

    btw there alot of help with 360 :thumbsup:
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    Bullet Guest

    Firstly im Bullet , im normally kicking about on XPG amoungst other places.
    Theres a vast amount of tutorials and info regarding Xbox360 modding , be it hardware or software.
    Should you find you need anything then just pop a post in the relevant forum & one of the amazing community will help you out im sure.
    Look forward to your contributions.
    Stay active and ENOJY!

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