New PS4 CUH-1001X Rumored With 1TB Hdd and better WiFi

Bullet Aug 9, 2014

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    It's rumored that Sony may be releasing a new model PS4 that will have better wifi and maybe even a bigger harddrive.
    According to PS4 daily a source that once correctly leaked information about the existence of the original Killzone Shadow Fall bundle back in 2013, has also leaked information that suggests Sony plan to release a new model PS4.

    We do know for a fact that a few months back a new PS4 model was going through the FCC process which had a better WiFi setup which would increase speeds. The new PS4 model will have a better WiFi module and antenna.

    Sony also plan on increasing the size of the Harddrive possibly to a 1tb in the new premium console:

    It would seem as though Sony have plans to release a preium console with better WiFi capabilities and increased storage space and maybe releasing it for Christmas time to keep the sales pace.

    If this is the case will you be trading up to a newer model or are you happy enough with your current PS4? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below.
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