New PS3 Model CECH-4200 Arriving Soon

Bullet Jun 23, 2013

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    A new model of PS3 is coming soon, new models 4200 and 4205B and 4205C have recently been certified over in various Asian regions. Is this an attempt to make the PS3 match the PS4 design like MS did with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One?
    According to RRA.GO.KR and Kotaku, Sony has just filed a certification for two new PlayStation 3 models, with bar code names: CECH-4205B and CECH-4205C. What's interesting about the listing here is that these models could be slightly modified versions of the latest version of the Super Slim PlayStation 3 with smaller nanometer architecture, less power consumption and better cooling.
    Earlier in the month a new PS3 model also surfaced on a webpage for the Japanese Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications. The listing was for code no. "CECH-4200″. Rumors speculated that the differences between the two new models were for regional purposes which is no real reason to fret. Although, it has been assumed that the two Asian specific models may have key differences in design.
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