New H1Z1 Screenshots.

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    Four new screenshots have been released by Sony Online Entertainment of the zombie-MMO; H1Z1, showing various aspects including landscapes, zombies, survivors, and so forth.

    Generally criticized as being a DayZ clone, the game has received negative feedback throughout the web by those who have had early access.

    However, the screenshots look impressive visually considering the sheer size of the game’s world – the Forgelight engine is being used, which can be seen in such games as Everquest Next and Planetside 2, also known for their large maps and environments.

    Screenshot #1


    We are able to make out a group of survivors armed with various weaponry – it seems they are protecting a safe house.

    Notice that the terrain is overgrown and the vehicle is covered in what appears to be mold of some sort – an obvious reflection on how the world wouldn’t be as well maintained during a zombie apocalypse. Would you care about your lawn if zombies were trying to eat your brains?

    Screenshot #2


    Your everyday zombie on the hunt for human flesh – he is well detailed showcasing grotesque teeth and a face covered in his victim’s blood. A single zombie shouldn’t cause a problem but a large group could guarantee lead to some challenging gameplay.

    Screenshot #3


    A survival camp setup with a mix of weak and strong defenses – the concrete walls should keep zombies out effectively but those concrete blockades probably won’t hold out too long. Perhaps some spikes would do the trick.

    Screenshot #4


    A beautiful sunset in the distance, perhaps reminding survivors all hope is not lost and there is still some beauty left in the world. That is until a zombie eats your leg, of course.

    H1Z1 is to hit PS4 and Windows PC sometime in late 2014 – players will struggle their way through the zombie apocalypse with the fear of not just the undead but neighbouring survivors who are looking to steal food, weapons, items, and so forth.

    Players are able to build up their camps and craft weapons of their own, and whilst it will be free-to-play, microtransations will be an option.

    Source Gamer Headlines.
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