NEW EPIC CTF Map: Capture The Gravel- Be On Youtube Or Download It Yourself

OfficiallyMJB Jul 21, 2013

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    Jul 21, 2013
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    Hey guys, MJB here!

    After the massive success of my HG map, I am proud to present you with my latest map: Capture the Gravel!

    I have created a trailer for it (epic) and you can either download the map (In the video description) or play when I host!


    There is one flag, with 2 teams: Attackers and Defenders.

    The attackers have 20 minutes to capture 5 flags (blocks of gravel). There is one flag carrier on the attacking team with full permissions, and all other players can only attack and open chests.

    A dispenser in the lobby randomly decides teams:

    Sandstone block=Attacker
    Gold Block=Flag Carrier
    Snow Block=Defender

    The flag carrier must make their way up to the top of the defenders' castle and push the button for a gravel block, then he/she must make their way back to the attackers' base and deposit the gravel in the slot provided. After 5 flags, the game ends.

    This is a really fun map to play, I've had great feedback during beta testing and its a fast paced game that rewards strategic play.

    If you join my game, it is pretty likely I will be recording, so you can be on Youtube!

    I live in the UK btw, so be wary of time differences.



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