New dash & flashed drives !!!

Bullet Oct 31, 2010

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    As most of you are aware the new dash is set to launch on the 1st of November. For the masses this is good news , as they get a new dash with some new features and better sounds! However for those with flashed drives this isnt such good news with new checks in place to spot flashed drives!

    With the confirmation from C4E that the latest beta fall2010 dashboard has new AP2.5 checks and SSv3 with new games, we 'suggest' anyone with a modified FW stay away from the update and these new games (Fable3, ...) for now if you don't want to be part of the 'MS November 2010 BanHammer' ;)
    JTAG 360s (do I need to remind this?) should of course also not update, it will break the JTAG/SMC hack forever. You will have to wait for a new rebooter (freeBOOT/XBRebooter)
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    bannhammer is hit and miss. i reckon ms only got about 90% of flashed console last year. as from ppls xbox i flashed a few slipped the net.
    i got 1 mate still using a boot disc as he slipped the net last year and thinks he may get through it again this year. i had 3 consoles banned last year
    but still the money u save its just as easy to buy another box. nov 1st i will be online for update as ive gota test banwave (fingers crossed)
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    I had the beta on a flashed console, but i sold it before the last updates. It played all my games np at all , but i never tried fable 3 though.

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