Preview New Crysis 3 Trailer Proclaims: 'The Hunt is On'

Rocky Feb 8, 2013

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    Because there haven't been nearly enough trailers for Crysis 3, EA and Crytek have made another one to take a look at. This one features Prophet going on a rampage, flexing his bow and arrow skills, while Muse wail away in the background.

    Yes, yes it all looks lovely. Yes, it features lots of weapons and Ceph, and yes it looks like it could be the return to form that fans have been hoping for.

    There's not long to wait for Crysis 3 now, with the game poised to release on February 19th in North America and February 21st in Europe. We'll have a final hands-on preview for you tomorrow.

    Trailer Vid >>

    Source - X360A

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