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Shahir Aug 25, 2013

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    Jul 7, 2013
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    Guys I want to JTAG my xbox 360 but I also want to be able to connect to xbox live. I read somewhere that theres something known as a double dashboard in which one is the original, untampered with xbox dashboard and the other is your JTAG dashboard. I also read that the by using the original dashboard, you could connect to XBL. Is it true? If so, could someone guide me where I can get more info on this or possibly a tut for this?
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    OK... you can get a "Dual Nand" meaning your Xbox stays as the original and will flip to an RGH (Jtag), the modded RGH modded side will be able to connect to XBL via some stealth methods but your retail side will need it's own KV (Xbox data) so when your RGH get's banned your retail will be fine.

    These aren't easy to build and you will need some soldering skills at the very least.

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