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celticman123 Nov 4, 2010

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    First Pictures of the x360SED v1.0 'Stealth Eject' Chip
    >> Logic-Sunrise released the first pictures of the x360SED v1.0 'Stealth Eject' Chip for Xbox360 DVD drives. It will allow you to bypass the new AP2.5 protection in new games with the new Fall2010 (12611) dashboard and it'll allow you to play multi-player games on several consoles using just 1 disc of the game. It's not LIVE-safe however, so for non-LIVE consoles only. More details about the chip in our previous news.

    can someone please advise me if know know if u can play any ur new 360 games

    been told not safe 2 update ye just want clear this up
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    Jamie this is posted in the wrong place and theres topics all over about the new ssv3 and ap2.5 checks.
    Also what does the logic sunrise chip have to do with updating ?
    This method of bypassing the ap2.5 ( anti piracy ) is not LIVE safe!
    Its just basically spinning up a disc to bypass the checks and allowing you to hotswap a copy in its place.

    This should answer your question Jamie...

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