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XPGBuSh Aug 18, 2012

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    ou’re coming off the final straight on the highway, absolutely flying in your Koenigsegg Agera R, hitting 200+ mph with ease.

    You see the old airfield full of broken bombers, fuselage skeletons, and snapped wings all perfectly aligned, begging you to jump them. You drift across the lanes, lining up your leap to victory.

    Hitting the nitrous, you blast down the final hundred yards, a smile creeping across your face at the impending awesomeness.

    Out of nowhere, a Hummer H1 T-bones you, sending your now-crumpled ride tumbling through the dirt.

    You check the scores and see your best friend get the points for the Takedown and move ahead of you on the Most Wanted list.

    At the Gamescom press conference EA announced a new feature for Need for Speed Most Wanted called "CloudCompete".

    With CloudCompete players can share their game data, which means your levels and skill points can be used across multiple platforms. You could start Need for Speed Most Wanted on your Playstation 3, continue on your friend's PC and even level on your iPad or PS Vita.

    Additionally Criterion worked on new social media features, which will make it easier to connect and compete with your friends.

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