Preview NCAA 14 due in July, new physics-based gameplay detailed

XPG Darkside Apr 4, 2013

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    The latest entry in the NCAA series will utilise EA Sports’ Infinity Engine 2, offering physics-based gameplay.


    Due on July 9 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, NCAA 14 is supposed to offer “the unpredictability of college football” thanks to Infinity Engine 2′s real-time physics, which allows for user-controlled stumble recoveries and hard cuts.

    There’s also a new force impact system, which enhances truck moves and the Hit Stick, and “creates more realistic and dynamic reactions when a runner attempts to stiff-arm a defender”, whatever that means.
    Here’s some other sports talk that makes my poor head hurt when I try to parse it:

    “A renewed focus on the college-style option game allows you to play true to your team with over 30 new option types, all optimized for a true college football experience. Utilize the Spread Option, Zone Read and more to stymie defenses and put big points on the board. NCAA Football 14 highlights key defenders before the snap so fans can read their movements to know when to handoff, pitch or keep the ball.

    Play Action Option plays have also been evolved to make it easier than ever to fake the run, set up the throw and burn overly-aggressive defenders.”

    Hmm, yes, indeed. Other new features include the popular Ultimate Team mode found in Madden NFL and FIFA, new on-field plays, better presentation options and a revamped Dynasty Mode.

    Get your first look at the physics-based play and engine improvements in the video below.

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