Nazi Zombies: A Comic Book Adventure from the Distant Future

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    All credit for information goes to Sam Zippo a PTG Mod.

    "The following is merely a Story created to scare children."
    This phrase has been floating around the zombie universe for quite some time now. Zombies, the ENTIRE Story Line, is simply...a Story. A Story created to scare children. A story created by an Author by the name Cornelius Pernell. Now what exactly does that mean? From what we've heard recently from Benn's videos, he focused your attention to the Character Bios that appeared in World at War. He told us that there were certain words in those bios that "deleted" the characters. Delete is a very good word, because these characters Do Not Exist.
    They are part of the story. Dempsey and the gang, they don't exist. They're just characters in a story. Now here's a question. When was this Story created? If you remember back to Benn's Descension 'theory' video, he describes it being 800 years in the future, where we have something called "The Cocoon" that acts as an underground safe haven beneath a ruined Manhatten for surviving humans. These humans seem to go about their lives as normal, safe in their Cocoon. Now the people who live in this Cocoon were most likely born in it. (Just think of Fallout 3 with Vault 101). They have no real knowledge of the outside world. Now they obviously know that there are zombies walking around outside, as many of them have probably tried to get into the Cocoon. So let's theorize for a bit. Let's imagine that in that Cocoon, 800 years from now, lived a man by the name of Cornelius Pernell. He was born in this Cocoon. Think for a moment, about the children being born into this Cocoon. Surely they would eventually need to be educated about the Horrors that roam the Earth right? Well that's where Cornelius came in. Let's say Cornelius decided to create this, Comic Book. A comic book about four heroes who fought of the zombie horde. It could act as this fictional origin story to the zombie outbreak, because everyone living in this Cocoon has lived their entire life with zombies outside their walls. Nobody really knows how they came to be. The origin of zombies, Lost in Time.
    Now this Comic book story would most likely contain multiple stories within itself. For instance, in one Comic the four heroes fight of Zombies in an abandoned theater, and in another they fight zombies on the Moon. As it progressed, the Author might even go as far as creating multiple stories within his story. A story of a mad scientist with a mission to control the undead, a father desperately trying to save his daughter, etc. (He might even decide to create new characters that nobody liked so he killed them...) Just think of it like comic books we have today (Batman for example). All Batman comics have essentially the same story, but each one is different (Obviously so it wouldn't be boring).
    This purpose of this Comic Book was to act as an information booklet, to teach the children born in that Cocoon about the Horrors that roamed outside above ground (Obviously designed like a comic book to appeal to children). But more importantly, this comic book was created "To scare children". To make these children fear the zombies that waited for them outside the walls, so that they would never try and leave the Cocoon and compromise the safety of everyone who lived there. These comics probably became very popular among the residents of the cocoon, and many of the children may have gone as far as to place bets on which characters in the story would survive the longest.
    This would explain why all of the Loading Screens for the Zombie maps are designed like pages in a comic book. ALL OF IT, from Nacht to Moon, and all the way up through Black Ops II, is simply a story. A story created by a man named Cornelius Pernell, created 800 years in the future. A Story to entertain children living in a safe haven, but also to educate them on the Horrors waiting for them outside the Cocoon, and why they should be afraid of them.
    I thank you for taking the time to read this theory, and I hope it's opened your mind a bit. This theory was put together by me, but I also had help from Arian, Eric mayonnaise boy, Kieran, Ruski, Ryan shaw and James Murus (the Silent One).
    Thanks for reading, see you in DLC4.

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