My Top 5 Favorite Speedruns

Grizzy Mar 28, 2018

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    Spoilers ahead, but the newest game on this list is two years old…

    Half-Life: 20:41

    Half-Life is a game that’s near and dear to my heart (as you may have guessed from my avatar), but this speed run is also special to me because of the kind of game Half-Life is. Not only is it a really long game, filled with twisting enemy-filled corridors and platformer-like puzzles, but it’s also a really time consuming game (for most people) because of how challenging each of these areas is.

    But this speedrun makes it look so easy.

    This run was done by multiple people honing segments of the game over time, and then piecing it all together into 20 minutes of perfection. Enjoy!

    Super Mario World (Blindfolded): 12:25

    Any blindfolded gaming is really impressive. It takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication to build that kind of muscle memory.

    There are many amazing clips of speedrunners conquering certain areas or bosses with a blindfold on, but this run is particularly amazing to me because it’s complete, it’s really fast, and it’s a game that I remember struggling with.

    Minecraft: 15:35

    With all the amazing structures, worlds, and mods created by the imagination of gamers using the building-blocks provided, it’s easy to forget that Minecraft actually has a story, and that this story can be completed. Which is exactly what this YouTuber does in 15 minutes… about the time it takes me to build a dirt fort to spend the night in while zombies knock on my door.

    Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind: 3:07

    Morrowind is another game that is really special to me. It was a groundbreaking open world game (it held the record for the largest map for a while), and it was the only game that I’ve gotten literally LOST in. All of which makes this speedrun even more amazing

    The other open world Elder Scroll speedruns (Oblivion, Skyrim) are also great, but this one is the shortest and the most spectacular looking.

    “SoulsBorne” Games -
    (Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne): 35:09, 32:07

    Bloodborne and the the Dark Souls series are notoriously difficult games for many reasons, but mainly because of the boss fights. They are also, (Dark Souls most of all) special in the way that the entire world, every level, loops-back and interconnects with itself by the end of the game. Watching players work to overcome these challenges while revealing zone after zone of meticulously detailed Gothic gore makes for a pretty entertaining speedrun!

    Do you have a favorite speedrun, or a suggestion of a game that would make an awesome speedrun? Post it in the comments below!


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