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dnq6 Dec 17, 2013

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    So i bought the game 7 hours ago and haven't stopped playing, this game has confused the hell out of me and many other players and in some sense has become the rebirth of Dayz.

    Some of the main things i notice is the spawning of loot and zombies, There is VERY little loot and this can cause difficulty as you can starve do death, I understand this as they have just released it an are unsure as to the finite details of the game.
    Another thing is the zombies, all thought you can hear all the sound effectsfor the zombies yo Rarely see them, i have seen roughly 10 in my time playing it so far, but i must say the path finding for them has increased greatly, and now they have very smooth animations but are bloody impossible to kill with melee weapons!

    This leads me to another issue, i picked up a melee weapon (a hammer with an edge) and it was doing little to no damage on the zombie, and was only able to kill a single zombie with it, after about 15 hits! after which i bled to death due to the lack of loot, i.e. bandages and food.

    The old menu which showed the food, hunger and blood has been changed. Now instead of a menu it is just messages in the chat saying "i feel hungry" or "i have a thirst" This is very difficult to use as there is no indication as to how much blood you have or how hungry you are!

    The sounds have also been redone and sound slighty more peaceful than the scary as sh**t ones in the old dayz!

    I must say the textures have been re done, and some of the shaders look amazing, the sun also looks very realistic! But some of the buildings look to be the same as they where in the old Dayz. Although on the most part everything looks very new, but there are noticeable bugs like glitching through doors and seeing through the roof which will need fixing, but the game is only in alpha! I think this game has a very big chance! It just needs a better menu as the current one looks terrible, and a few bug fixes!

    Overall i think this is a great game in the making and it needs the support of us! so get your wallets ready! :)

    If any of you guys want more info or have any questions just send me a pm or reply below!

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