My Nintendo 3DS (Dislikes)

DOPEBOI Dec 29, 2011

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    Oct 21, 2011
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    I really like my 3DS but after hrs of playing Mario 3D Land already I'm finding problems with it!

    Problems i have so far:
    • The 3D effect is good but a slight move from my head and I've lost the 3D effect, so i need to get my head back in position. You need your head dead straight in front of the screen at all times, which i find nearly impossible to do.
    • The size of the console, I have trouble getting to grips with the 3DS, I have big hands and therefore i have trouble getting a good grip on it and the small buttons don't help either and after using my 3DS for a while, my hands start to hurt and i have to stop playing which is a bummer.
    • Volume is not loud enough even with headphones plugged in, My old DSI is louder than this.
    • Battery life sucks. (2hrs max from a full charge)
    • Poor camera quality
    • Only 1 analog stick
    • D pad is to small and to far down, I find it difficult playing fighting games with it. ( Also try holding the L button while trying to press the dpad directions) :p
    Anyone agree with the things on the list Or have anything personal you would add, if so I'd like to hear from you.

    *My Thoughts*
    Hopefully when they make the 3DS XL. They will improve on all these problems above. If they manage to i will gladly buy one on launch. ;)

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