MW2 XP Glitch

Bullet Sep 17, 2011

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    1. First of all you will need You & 1 other person in a normal lobby

    2. The original host of the party shall now search for a game

    ***3rd Person Team Tactical***

    3. As soon as it starts the search the original host should now back out back to the original lobby and the person that is in the lobby should back out after him (Must be after) You must get into an actual lobby, if you get straight into a game it won't work.

    4. Now the original host selects private match and you are now both in a private match lobby (Now you can set the map & game rules and game mode)

    ***Make The Match --> Map: Rust Game Mode: Search and Destroy Rules: Default*** ***Make Sure JOIN SESSION IN PROGRESS is set to NOT ALLOWED***

    5. Once the game is set, Start the private match

    6. The original host should now join someone else's session in progress so it migrates host to the second person

    7. Once the second person is host, End the game (now this is a very important step)

    8. In step 8, you should probably invite the people you want into the lobby before changing your clan tag but When you are in the lobby change your clan tag to anything as long as you change it.

    9. When you do this it will back you out of the private match lobby and you will be in a normal lobby which people can join or randomly get dropped in. (The other people will be blank in your lobby)

    ***Make sure you Invite all 8 people into the lobby at this time!***

    10. You must hover over whatever game mode you set it to in the private match for example Demolition. If you hover over free-for-all, you will be able to talk to everybody in the game, even on the enemy team. It doesn't matter what game type you picked. (This is a must do)

    ***Make sure you Hover over FREE-FOR-ALL***
    Now here's the fun stuff...

    Phase 2: Search and Destroy Double Xp
    (Note i do not take credit for this find, i am simply writing a tutorial so that everyone has fair use/exploitation of this glitch)

    1. Now let the game load up like a regular hacked lobby private match. Once you are in the game, Person 2 (Person who got host after Original Host left) Will choose a class and wait 10 seconds. After Person 2 Chooses a class and waits 10 seconds they will Join session in progress of someone else so that it will migrate host to someone else in the game.

    2. Invite Person 2 back into the game.

    3. Once Person 2 is back in the game, someone Plant the bomb at B and let it explode.

    4. From then on, the game will be double xp for for every round and everything including kills and Riot Shield boosting will be double xp.

    Once the lobby is glitched and giving double xp, After the bomb is planted in the first round, you CANNOT plant the bomb again for the rest of the game! If the bomb is planted in rounds 2-the end of the game, it will mess up and you will not be getting double XP any longer!

    Also, you average about 5320 points a clip when using P90+OMA
    credz to evolancer.

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