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ADDZ Oct 3, 2013

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    This download is a cheat trainer for Mutant Storm reloaded on Xbox 360. This trainer created by ADDZ and AlexKyori will give you cheats such as Godmode, unlimited lives , unlimited bombs and much more ( see below).

    About Mutant Storm Reloaded:


    Mutant Storm Reloaded is a multidirectional shoot 'em up developed by PomPom Games. Mutant Storm Reloaded debuted as a launch title on the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade service with updated graphics, sound, and gameplay over its PC predecessor, Mutant Storm.
    The game's core is very much that of a classic arcade shooter, although its artistic design, colorful and reminiscent of cel-shading or microscopic medical imaging, has been called "psychedelic" and "an eye-frying
    The player controls a ship around a succession of 89 rooms filled with enemies which must be defeated within a certain time period. The enemies range from slow-moving targets to stationary turrets to mini-boss-type enemies which require many shots and specific strategies to be defeated. After each room is cleared, the remaining time is converted to points and added to the score. As the player progresses without losing a life, a score multiplier and a belt meter increase the reward and difficulty level. Gameplay strategies, weapons and power-ups depend on the mode of gameplay chosen.

    Trainer Cheats:

    Unlimited Lives

    Unlimited Bombs

    Time Increase rather than decrease
    Score modifier


    1. Download The Attachment Below

    2. Extract.

    3. Drop the extracted content in - "Mutant Storm Reloaded" folder on your HDD or USB.

    or copy trainer folder in USB or Pendrive and Run from that

    4. Run The Trainer_Loader.xex

    5. Now Run the Game. Press "Back+Dpad DOWN" To Bring Up The Trainer.

    6. Follow The On-Screen Instructions

    7. Enjoy!

    ~TeamXPG Sr~
    - ADDZ - XPGObyto - Bullet -- BxRKings - begallegal1
    - XPGSensi420 - GoldZ - AlexKyori - f1l3gr3n -

    -TeamXPG Dev-
    - Coder123 - redhulk - JohnAKAGoldGiver - MastaOfEvil -
    Whit ey -- XPGAurora



    Download here
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    Very good !!!

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