MS E3 2010 Media Briefing - All the details

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    Instead of posting crazy long posts and new articles all the time I will collect all the interesting news about the Microsoft E3 2010 Media Briefing in this article. Refresh to see if anything new was added :lol:
    Feel free to post interesting links/video/etc in the linked forum thread.

    In (very) Short:
    * Microsoft introduced a new glossy-back Xbox 360 console. "Sleeker, "leaner" and "whisper-quiet" according to MS. Comes with build-in 802.11n WiFi and a 250gb from the same price as the current 120GB 360 (299usd). Ships to retailers today, available in stores this week (US-only, rest will get it later (mid-July for EU?) apparently).
    * Kinect (ex-Project Natal) coming November 4th in the US (worldwide before the end of 2010) with 15 games at launch. Will work on all 360 consoles. Live demos of games and menu navigation (with new simplified dashboard) shown on stage. Kinect doesn't just detect body gestures, but also voice-commands. No pricing announced.
    * ESPN deal. Watch ESPN shows and events in HD. Free for all (US?) LIVE Gold members.
    * All CoD DLC content will come out on Xbox LIVE "first" for the next 3 years.

    General/News Links:
    * X-Scene's Highlights of the Media Briefing
    * MS Press release: A Letter from Marc Whitten: E3 2010
    * MS Press release: Xbox 360 Transforms the Way Everyone Has Fun
    * MS Press release: Exclusive Blockbuster Games Drive Biggest Year in Xbox History
    * MS Press release: Kinect for Xbox 360 Sets the Future in Motion -- No Controller Required
    * New 360 in US this week, but only July 16th for Europe: | twitter
    * New Xbox 360 will have proprietary HDD - won't to able to use homebrew HDDs any more:
    * Engadget confirms some facts: Xbox 360 Arcade drops to $149, the Elite to $249. In the new 360 the PSU is (probably) inside the 360 case, HDD is removable but non-standard and the console has a custom "Kinect port":
    * Netflix for Xbox 360 adds search in November:

    * The Official press pictures: here
    * Live shots of the new Xbox 360 console taken at the Media Briefing:

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