Mothers Against Violence- Not Against Video Games

Burrows Apr 10, 2010

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    A member of campaign group Mothers Against Violence have appeared on a radio debate on BBC Leeds, and categorically stated “I’m not directly blaming games, I’m blaming parents”.

    On the BBC radio show, hosts Andrew Edwards & Georgey Spanswick highlighted the notorious Grand Theft Auto game, and mentioned that they knew “at least a few 15year olds” that play it. This obviously means that people must be ignoring the official BBFC and PEGI guidelines and buying games for underage gamers.

    The age old furore over violent games is one that will probably never be resolved, however the videogames industry in the UK is hoping to address the balance and make sure that parents, the people with the spending power, have more education with regards to games. As it stands at the moment, anybody of the correct age can buy an age-restricted game, regardless of the intended recipients age.

    Personally, I would like to see law implemented where shops must legally ask who the purchased game is for and refuse sale if the person it is intended for is under-age. Parents should also be made aware of parental controls on consoles, with these settings automatically turned on.

    Arguments like this threaten to destroy the freedom we have as gamers to choose what to play. More effort needs to be made by games retailers and the law to shield younger gamers from 18+ themes in games, be them violence or sex.

    You wouldn’t let a 12 year old watch an 18+ horror, gangster movie or softcore film, so why let them play games with those themes?

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