Mortal Kombat X: Predator Addition

Nasyr Jun 27, 2015

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    Mortal Kombat X, I would have to say i'm mind blown at the attempts they are making with this game. The characters they have put in this game are amazing and I never would of thought they would do it. With that being said, there will be a new addition to the team. This time it will be a creepy little fella known as the Predator. This character has played in many movies and I think a few games but, I think MKX will pay honor to this very old character with bringing him back to the light. I will leave a video below to show the character moving so you can get a thought in your head just for what you can suspect upon this characters release in July. It does seem like he will follow all his normal characteristic and abilities he has had in movies like the invincibility, laser, shoulder gun and so on..


    The Predator does looking like a very surreal coming to life character which really has my attention. I can't wait to actually try this character out myself and see how well the monster plays. It's fatalities I would already be suspecting to be very good and would not be mad if they were anything less as the character himself makes us for it. The Predator may have a few new features as they have done with Jason. It will be interesting to see some of these fighters go head to head against each other. XPG may even host a champs night if they game gets enough activity on the forums. What do you guys think of this game though? What about the Predator, are you impressed?​
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